Husson Women's Basketball Wins to Increase Standing to 12-0 in Conference Play

Photo by Monty Rand Photography
Photo by Monty Rand Photography

BANGOR, ME- Colby-Sawyer gained first possession in this game against the Husson Eagles, and quickly established a small lead in the first quarter.

A quick layup by Senior Chandler Guerrette brought the score to 14-15, with Husson trailing by only one point at 5:21.

Two free throw shots made by Freshman Sami Ireland and a layup made by Sarah Bragg brought Husson to a seven point lead with two minutes left in the first quarter.

At the close of the quarter, the score was 29-20.

The Eagles started the second quarter strong with a 3-point jump shot by Senior Darla Morales. A layup by Guerrette brought the Husson lead to 38-29 at 6:28.

A layup by Morales at 4:26 brought Husson's impressive lead to 45-31 and the second quarter rounded out with a 52-34 Husson lead.

Morales began the third quarter with a 3-point shot assisted by Senior Denae Johnson. Husson leads 55-36 with 8:36 left in the third quarter.

Guerrette extended the lead with a pair of free throw shots made, with 16 points in this game by 8:11 in the third quarter.

Sophomore Kenzie Worcester made a layup off of a rebound which gave Husson a 19 point lead by the middle of the third quarter. The quarter came to a close with Husson holding on to a 10 point lead, 64-54.

The fourth quarter was full of action with the teams trading points as the Colby-Sawyer Chargers tried to inch their way back to a lead over Husson.

A layup by Junior Anna MacKenzie put the Eagles back on track and the team continued to hold on to the lead in the fourth quarter. The Chargers closed the gap by 4:40 and were down by only seven points.

Hustle on both sides led to the teams battling for last minute points and the score was close until Husson broke free in the last minute of the game to win 90-71.

With many of Husson's players under 6 feet tall, the Eagles are not strangers to a height disadvantage in many of their games. Colby-Sawyer's roster presented many of the same difficulties that Husson has faced in other matchups this season, yet the team was successful again. The Husson Women's Basketball team increases their standing to 12-0 in conference play.

The team will face Lyndon State in an away game on Friday February 3 at 7:30 p.m. EST.