Husson Men's Basketball Come Away with a Nail Biting Win over Johnson State

Photo by Monty Rand Photography
Photo by Monty Rand Photography

BANGOR, Maine- On the night of Friday the 13th, men's basketball had the fans on the edge of their seats, as Husson and Johnson State battled back and forth for the lead.

The Eagles struggled in the first three minutes of the game, until Justin Martin got the ball rolling with the team's first points on the night.

Johnson came to play Friday night, with swift ball movement on the court and quick hands under the basket, taking an immediate lead. Their lead didn't last long, as the Eagles found their rhythm coming up 22-21 eleven minutes into the game.

By the last three minutes of the half, the Husson men had 23 rebounds to Johnson's 13 along with a solid 7-point lead (39-32). For the Eagles, Martin was a force to be reckoned with under the basket, snagging 12 rebounds. On the season, Martin became the only person on his team with over 100 rebounds (109) by the end of the first half.

With complete focus from the free throw line, the Eagles made 100% (7 for 7) of their foul shots at the half, to the Badgers' 69.2% (9 for 13).

The first half was a back and forth battle, with both teams scores fluctuating within nine points of each other. Entering into the second half, Husson took the close lead of 45-42.

Not only kicking off the first half for the Eagles, Martin was first to score in the second half, helping Husson capture the biggest lead of the game so far of 54-42.

For the Badgers, Marqwon Wynn was the first player to break 20 points in the game with ten minutes remaining. Shortly after, the Eagles', Martin, captured the first double-double of the game with 16 rebounds and ten points.

With just three minutes left in the game, the pressure was on as Husson barely held the lead of 85-84. In the two minutes following, Anderson added a layup for Husson, immediately followed by Johnson's, Benjamin Holl, hitting a 3-point jump shot to tie up the game 87-87. With a hint of panic, the Badgers gave up two fouls in the final seconds of the game, to push the Eagles into the 90-87 win.

Finishing off the night, Anderson broke 30 points for the third time this season, tying his game high with 31 points. As for the Badgers, Wynn captured 26 points for his team, his second highest so far this season.

On the boards, Martin set a new single game record for personal rebounds with 22. Coupling those rebounds with his 14 points for the night, he gathered up his third double-double this season.

Finishing off Friday night with high intensity, the Husson men's basketball is pumped and ready to play as they take on the Lyndon Hornets Saturday, January 14th on their home court at 1pm.