Tailgating Information for Football Game at Alfred State

Tailgating Information for Football Game at Alfred State

ALFRED, N.Y. - Posted below are the tailgating policies for the football game at Alfred State on Saturday, October 13th with kickoff set for 12 p.m.

Football Tailgating Policy

Respectful and Orderly Environment

Tailgating at Alfred State is a lively and family-friendly environment. Each individual is responsible for his or her behavior and is expected to act responsibly and be in compliance with university policy, municipal ordinances, and state law. All in attendance are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the nature and character of the College. Persons acting in a disruptive, disrespectful or disorderly manner or who are not in compliance with terms of the Alfred State Football Tailgating Policy may be asked to leave the premises, be subject to citation or arrest, and or banned from future events. Students may also be charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.



To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our fans, the following regulations are in effect on game day:

  •   Tailgating will only be allowed in Parking Lot 20 (see Map)

  •   Lot 20 will open for tailgating 3 hours prior the start of a game.

  •   Motor vehicles may occupy one parking space only.

  •   Motor homes and RV's may occupy two parking spaces only.

  •   Trailers, furniture intended for interior household use (couches, chairs) are prohibited in parking lots or

    tailgate areas. (excluding pre-approved vendors or persons approved by the college administration)

  •   Parking spaces may not be reserved or saved for others. Individuals who want to tailgate adjacent to one

    another must arrive and enter parking lots and/or tailgate areas at the same time.

  •   Tailgating will not be done on parking spaces. Spaces are for parking only.

  •   Parking lot traffic-ways may not be blocked for any reason (vehicles, pedestrians, tents, tables, equipment,

    etc) and must remain open to vehicle traffic and emergency egress at all time.

  •   Lots and grounds must be cleared of tents/non-vehicle tailgating accessories within 90 minutes of end of game. Normal parking regulations will take effect at this time.


    Possession and Consumption of Alcohol

    Alcohol may be possessed and consumed during tailgating activities within the rules outlined below.

    Possession and Consumption of alcohol shall cease no later than scheduled kick-off time of the game.

    •   Possession and/or consumption of alcohol is limited to beer or cereal malt beverages from cans. Kegs and other common containers are not allowed at any time.

    •   Possession and/or consumption of beer or cereal malt beverages may take place only in parking lot 20 adjacent to Pioneer stadium.

    •   No one under 21 years of age is permitted to consume or possess beer or cereal malt beverages.

    •   Anyone possessing and/or consuming beer or cereal malt beverages shall possess valid identification

      establishing that he/she is 21 years of age or older and comply with request to show such identification

      when requested by law enforcement or College officials upon request.

    •   Drinking games (included but not limited to beer pong) or other orchestrated efforts that may promote

      excess drinking are prohibited.

    •   No one may possess or consume beer or cereal malt beverages from any device or apparatus designed to consume beer or cereal malt beverages at a greater than normal rate of speed (including but not limited to

    funnels or beer bongs).

    •   The sale of beer or cereal malt beverages is prohibited.

    •   The use of glass bottles and can coolers (koozies) is forbidden during tailgating activities.

    •   Possession and/or consumption of beer or cereal malt beverages is prohibited in any other parking lot than

      20 (and adjacent side road noted red in map).

    •   All game day tailgaters are encouraged to participate in any Alfred State fundraising activities that take place

      in conjunction with tailgating activities.

    •   Failure to comply with this policy may result in redress, law enforcement action, loss of tailgating privileges or student disciplinary charges. For more detailed information visit: my.alfredstate.edu/OSE


    Trash and Recyclable Items

    Each individual is responsible for making sure that the tailgating area and grounds is maintained in a clean and orderly fashion. No trash or recyclable items are to be discarded anywhere except trash and recycling containers placed in proper bins located throughout the tailgating areas.