Husson Football Camp Confidential

Husson Football Camp Confidential

The 2011 Eagles have come to campus, and training camp has begun. From day to day, check in for updates and videos from Summer Football Camp.

Practice 1 - 8/13/11:

The Eagles stepped foot on the turf at the Winkin Complex for the first time this afternoon, as the Sean Murphy era of Husson Football officially began. The Eagles wore just helmets, but the new lids shone brightly in the hot August sun with their fresh gold paint job. 

Husson returns to action tomorrow for another helmets-only practice at 2:00 pm.

Coach Murphy after practice:

Practice 2 - 8/14/11:

Husson returned to action for another afternoon session in just helmets. The Eagles kicked the tempo up a bit, and saw plenty of effort and enthusiasm out there on the field. In keeping par with the NCAA's acclimitization period, the team used their final required helmets-only practice to implement more schemes on both sides of the ball. 

The Eagles finally don shoulder pads, for their first practice in "uppers" tomorrow at 2:00 pm. 

Kyle Vanidestine (Bangor, ME) after practice:

Practice 3 - 8/15/11:

Husson took the field today for the first time this season with shoulder pads on. Mother nature smiled down on the Eagles, as the heat broke and gave way to overcast skies and a hint of showers this afternoon. The offensive and defensive units got a chance to go against eachother for the first time in camp. The players took turns in 1on1 situations as well as full team drills. The Eagles come back to work again in uppers tomorrow, with practice begining at 2:00 pm.

Brad Deuring (Medway, MA) after practice:

Practice 4 - 8/16/11:

It was cool and rainy when the Eagles took the field at the Winkin Complex this afternoon. Coach Canty commented on practice:

"I think our guys are doing a great job picking up a new system right now. A few freshmen skill guys are really standing out to me, Caleb King TE/WR, Ryan Dorso RB, Lamar Richards WR. Our offensive line is an experienced group, and the returners are really working hard out there, but they're getting some pressure from freshmen Matthew Archer and Alex Martin-Wallace. I think we're right where we want to be; I'm looking forward to seeing the first day in full pads tomorrow and getting ourselves prepared for double sessions after that."

Husson takes the field tomorrow at 2:00pm for their first go at it in full pads.

Christopher Dalecki (So. Berwick, ME) after practice:

Practice 5 - 8/17/11:

The rain clouds went away on Wednesday as the Eagles took the field at the Winkin Complex for their first practice in full pads amidst all of August's sun and heat. The heat index was turned up, but so too was the intensity, as Husson players on both sides of the ball took the opportunity to get more physical. Offensive and Defensive players lined up in an Oklahoma-like drill about midway through practice, and things really started to get exciting. Later on, the team period consisted of an overtime script session where the first and second offenses got a turn to try and score from the 25. That series was highlighted by a big hit from freshman DB Nicholas Sterling on WR Shabashe McIntosh. McIntosh popped right back up, and the o and d went back and forth all practice. The Eagles are slated for a double dip tomorrow, the first practice starts at 9:30am, and they return to the field for the nightcap at 7:00pm.

Jack Hersom (Sidney, ME) after practice:


Practice 6 - 8/18/11:

The Eagles practiced for the first time today in the morning, in an attempt to get some cooler weather for the first of Thursday's two practices. Apparently nobody told mother nature it was supposed to be cool at 9 in the morning. Husson football players were greeted with scortching temperatures and the burning summer sun. Despite the difficult conditions, the Eagles came out and had an enthusiastic, physical practice to start off the first day of double sessions. 

Head Coach Sean Murphy announced the first Eagle of the Day, an honor bestowed upon the player who exhibits the hardest work ethic and improvement, and the first winner of that designation is DB Tobey Harrington.

Jordan Caiani (Foxborough, MA) after practice:

Practice 7 - 8/18/11:

Husson football completed its first double session of the preseason with the second practice under the lights at the Winkin Complex this evening. The players were in uppers, but the intensity held strong, especially on the defensive side of the ball, epitomized by Kyle Vanidestine coming up from his safety position to make a crushing hit on an Eagle receiver. The "Dark Side" got the better of "O-Nasty" early on in the team period, stopping the Eagle offense twice in the two-minute drill. But on the third and final attempt, Jack Hersom hit Ben Foss on a deep fade route in the back corner of the end zone to get the win for the guys in white as time expired. Senior TE Tyler Doiron was awarded Eagle of the Day for his hard work in the double session. The Eagles return to the gridiron tomorrow, and resume their single-day schedule with a 2:00 pm practice.

Senior O-Linemen Jonathan Lange (Danbury, CT) and Brandon Kenney (Winthrop, ME) after practice:

Practice 8 - 8/19/11:

The Eagles came back from a tough day of double sessions and were greeted with sweltering heat this afternoon on the turf at the Winkin Complex. Practice was highlighted by a scripted scrimmage session, pitting the 1st O against the 1st D, and subsequently the 2s vs the 2s, and 3's vs 3's. The teams went back and forth with big plays, but the defense ultimately got the upper hand, keeping the Eagle offense out of the end zone. Sprinkled in amongst the scrimmage sessions were special teams periods as many of the underclassmen were fighting for spots to help Husson in the third phase of the game this season. Husson returns to the field tomorrow for their second double-day, with the first practice starting at 9:00 am, and then coming back for the night cap at 7:00 pm. 

LB Dillon Shaw (Cony, ME) after practice:

Practice 9 - 8/20/11:

It seemed as though the heat had finally began to take its toll when the Eagles took the field for their first of two on a blistering Saturday morning. The beginning of practice was rather lackluster for both sides, but once the defense moved into tackling drills, the pops seemed to wake them up, and the intensity returned to it's normally high level before the midway point of practice. It took the O a bit longer to find their stride, but by the culminating crossover period, both squads were right where they needed to be. The practice finished with the offense edging the D in the 3rd down segment, but it seemed as though practice was salvaged. 

As long as the impending weather avoids the Winkin Complex or at least clears out by 7:00pm, the team will be back out there for the second session of the day. 

Byron Jackson (Bridgeport, CT) after practice:

Practice 10 - 8/20/2011:

When the Eagles stepped onto the turf at Winkin Field this evening it was like a whole new team had stepped into their pads and jerseys. The practice started off with such a rejeuvenated energy and sense of urgency that even the coaches were impressed. While for some players the rigors of camp have begun to take their toll, others have found their stride, and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the Eagles pick up the pace and jump on board. Husson Football will don their new uniforms for the first time tomorrow at noon for individual and team photos, and will quickly get suited up for a 2:00pm practice in uppers.

Junior DB Ivan Somerville (Tampa, FL) after practice:

Practice 11 - 8/21/2011:

The Husson football team looked another hot summer day right in the face, and came up with a great practice this afternoon. Despite the fact that temperatures were only in the 80's, the field turf generally adds 10 degrees to the heat index, and when coupled with the unabaded sun, led to a sizzling afternoon. The weather barely phased the Eagles. Some of the players are starting to succumb to minor injuries, but most of the team stayed on course and got better again on the aptly named Sunday. The Eagles return to the Winkin Complex twice tomorrow for their third pair of doubles, again scheduling a morning session at 9:00am as well as an evening practice at 7:00pm.

Audie Murphy (Biddeford, ME) after practice:

Practice 12: 8/22/11

If there was any doubt as to wheather or not Mother Nature was a football fan, today was all the proof you'd need. After steady downpours pounded Bangor throughout the night and into the morning, about an hour and half before the Eagles' scheduled practice, the storm clouds broke and gave way to a gorgeous day for football. The Husson football team came out and flew around, turning in another hard effort, epidomized by Tight End Lawrence Foster winning the Eagle of the Day for the second consecutive day. The Eagle defense got the best of the O later in the practice, stuffing the offense in a third down period at the conclusion of practice in two of the three units. The Husson offense will get another shot at it this evening when the whole team comes back for its third day of double sesssions, with Monday's second practice scheduled for 7:00pm.

Ernest Wiggins (Bridgeport, CT) after practice:

Practice 13: 8/22/11

The Eagles came back to the Winkin Complex with a vengeance this evening for the conclusion of their 3rd double session of Summer Camp. The Eagles worked on special teams at the begining of practice as kickers Nathan Conway and Doug Dieuveuil continued their battle for the point after tries. An impromptu crossover period after special teams brought the intensity level up a notch early on in the practice as the D held strong in the face of their offensive counterparts. That high energy carried over through the rest of practice and into the 2pt Conversion period at the end of the session. The offense converted more than 50% of the attempts with each quarterback excelling in their in-tight opportunities. First Year receiver Lamar Richards made more than one thrilling conversion in the period to highlight the night for the O. Husson returns to the field tomorrow at 2:00pm for a single-day practice. 

Alex Young (Rockland, ME) after practice:

Practice 14: 8/23/11

The Eagles came back to the field on Tuesday for a single session in full pads this afternoon. Things started off a tad lackluster, but the upperclassmen stepped up the intensity and the younger guys quickly followed their lead. At the end of practice the focus turned to the red zone, pitting the offense against the defense on a first and goal series from the 3. The offense stepped up and answered the bell on all three teams, and the highlight of the series was when Imadi Zagon plunged it in from the one yard line on second down, carrying defenders with him as he scored. 

Today's Eagle of the Day was first year defensive linemen Shawn Gibbs who is getting some recognition for his hard work day-in and day-out during camp. The Eagles return to the field tomorrow morning for their first of two, session one is slated for 9:00 am, and the second practice will begin at 7:00pm. 

Sophomore LB Ben Dalecki after practice:

Practice 15: 8/24/11

The Eagles took the field this morning with a renewed sense of confidence, tackling their final double session of the 2011 camp. The Husson offense had a playbook quiz last night, and as a result, they began their practice with a little light conditioning. But that incentive was exactly what they needed, and they took that momentum into the crossover period, scoring on 2 out of 3 attempts at overtime series. The D came up big in other sessions, and overall both sides of the team turned in a quality practice. The Eagle of the Day was named to first year LB Nelson Perez for his work ethic on the defense and in special teams periods. The Eagles return to action this evening at 7:00pm for the night cap. 

Ben Foss (Wales, ME) after pracitce:

Practice 16: 8/24/11

Husson came back to the Winkin Complex to complete its final set of double sessions for the 2011 camp. The practice was kicked off early by an impromptu crossover period that pitted the o and the d against eachother as the Eagle offense started a drive on their own 20, attempting to get two first downs. With the offense seemingly stuffed on 3rd down, Jack Hersom hit Ryan Dorso with a pass to the outside, and the shifty runningback weaved his way down field for a long completion. The Defense came back and won the second crossover period at the conclusion of practice. The O had the ball, and this sceneario, the team was down by two with 1:35 remaining in a game, with two timeouts. The dark side answered the call with back-to-back sacks from Chris Dalecki and Ernest Wiggins eventually leading up to the offense failing on a 4th and long opportunity. 

The Eagles come back to the field tomorrow at 2:00, for their final tune up for their intrasquad scrimmage, scheduled for a 2:00 start on Friday, August 26th, a contest that marks the official end of summer camp.

Brandon Heathcoat (N. Yarmouth, ME) after practice: