A Certified Athletic Trainer will be on site two hours before and one hour after an event to provide any pre and post game needs.  Treatments that are available to visiting teams include:  ice, cold and warm whirlpool, heat packs, taping, and stretching.  Modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation will only be provided if the athlete has a written prescription from their ATC.  We ask for a 24 hour notice about what taping and wrapping needs your team will require as well as provide the needed medical supplies.

All fields are on campus and in close proximity to the Athletic Training room in Newman Athletic Facilty.  All visiting teams will have access to the AT room both before and after their competition.

Husson University Facilities

All competition sites will have water, cups, and ice available on the visiting sideline.  A treatment table, splints, AED, and crutches will also be available at the competition site.

For football games, several treatment tables will be available by the visiting locker rooms along with water, cups, ice, and a small hydrocollator.  On the field, there will be water, cups, ice, and a portable treatment table on the visiting sideline.  The Husson University Team Physician will be present at all home football games.  Ambulance coverage will also be present.

A Certified Athletic Trainer will only travel with football and any postseason play.  All other travel is dependent on the needs of home events.  If a team is travelling without an Athletic Trainer, a call will be made or an email will be sent to the host team prior to competition informing them of the team’s needs.  The team will also travel with a fully stocked medical kit and insurance forms.